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December 03, 2007

Maine Owl is a comment & nature photography blog. It is written by The Owl, a long-time peace & justice activist now residing in the Bangor, Maine area.

This is the successor site to Deep Blade Journal, the archives of which are here. The new blog will differ from Deep Blade Journal in that I intend to keep the content driven more from a local & personal viewpoint. Maine Owl will cover many of the same issues as Deep Blade JournalIraq and the Terror War, for example. But more often that coverage will be inspired by local events and media. I will be less likely to post here on national electoral politics or national-level politicians unless there is a local event or media appearance to discuss. And, I intend to amp up the photography here as time goes on.

All posts will be written by your host, The Owl, unless otherwise indicated. I know some other very, very good writers who I hope will one day finally decide to post here. If that ever happens, the conversation will be richly elevated from what I am able to do.

History: The story of Deep Blade Journal
The blog version of Deep Blade Journal began in August 2003. There was a predecessor Deep Blade that was a static website called Deep Blade News. Those archives are still available here.

I put up that site just prior to the Iraq War because it was so obvious that the public was being sold down the river by a disingenuous, out-of-control administration and its big-media enablers. Some sort of correction with anti-imperial analysis felt to me to be necessary. Too many people were willing to jump on the war bandwagon without ever trying to find out what it was really about. The Deep Blade archive and subsequent four years of blog posting sketch an outline of our country's machinations that are extremely difficult to fathom without entertaining at least the possibility that geo-scale U.S. power projection with intention for imperial domination of strategic resources is part of the agenda. Elites within the United States government along with it's panoply of corporate partners seek to force others to accept U.S. domination through use of their military cudgel. It's an ugly picture that few Americans want to look into the mirror in order to see.

The new blog
So, Maine Owl will take up some of the old Deep Blade project which sought to make some sense out of current events and the behavior of the United States as a powerful state in the early 21st century. The material will continue to cut through the propaganda, misdirection, and obfuscation in order to expose the deep heartwood of policy. Many truths about are hidden from broad public consciousness. Meanwhile, we are heavily propagandized and as a result have deluded ourselves into thinking that violence, devaluation of other human beings, and a generally roughshod foreign policy can solve our problems.

Our ruling class continues to be a dangerous plague with tools of death and destruction that are far too powerful to be in the hands of men with weak consciences, like U.S. President George W. Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney. Just like the original website, Maine Owl will try to draw out the root issues we need to address if we are to have any chance to stop the onslaught of these weapons and and the horrendous policies of the warmakers that produce and use them.

However, Maine Owl will differ in substantial ways from its predecessor. This blog will tend to have more comment about local & state events and media, especially when these reflect the larger national & world situation. Sometimes there will be postings based on stories in national or world media, but I will not feel any responsibility to follow closely even major developing situations. For example, Deep Blade Journal contained my running commentary on the month-long Israeli bombing of Lebanon during the summer of 2006.

Readers may see less of that here, but perhaps more of this sort of thing--a discussion of the state budget and taxation policy. Lately I've taken more interest in class issues and how our society is divided and deluded along class lines. So I hope Maine Owl will include some observations and analysis in this area.

Finally, I want to re-invigorate my coverage of energy issues. These are colliding with everything else mentioned above in a big, big way. Not since the late 1970s has there been such a period of economic stress based on cracking of the world energy system. The local news is chock-full of stories of people in "desperate" times due to energy costs. Maine is particularly vulnerable. That is probably a good point to begin the actual blog...


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