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October 01, 2008

I have made a few changes to the sidebar and contact form. From now on, neither real names nor the contact form are visible unless a user is logged in. I added the "Create Account" and "Log In" forms to the contact page.

Joining this site requires only that you supply a valid email and jump through a couple of captcha and activation hoops. It's no big deal. There is never any charge for registering.

I'm happy to report the site seems not to be bugged by spam or robot registration, a very good thing.

Why register and log in? This makes a few changes in site experience when you do:
  • You do not have to use captcha to post comments. Your screen name is automatically added to the message.
  • You can use the handy email contact form. I do not publish email addresses on the site (unless you allow yours to appear with a comment), so you need the contact form to contact me. You can only use the contact form if you are logged in. Also, you may use the form to contact other members here. The list is growing.
  • By request, you could get limited back-end access to manage your name, email, password, and comments yourself.
  • I'm open to adding members with posting rights. This is easy for me to do if you register for an account. I'd like to have more active posting and commenting here, especially in this season of political change.
  • Finally, I send out an irregular Maine Owl email newsletter. All members will get that at least once, but you have a link to shut it off if you don't like it. Currently it goes out to about 70 people.

Questions? Log in and send 'em using the "Contact" button!


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