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October 17, 2008

ACORN definitely NOT the problem

Rush Limbaugh and Republican operatives (like Cleta Mitchell, who appeared Wednesday on Democracy Now!) are trying to de-legitimize an election result favorable to the Democrats before the election even happens. ACORN is the principle target:

McCain presses case on ACORN
October 16, 2008 05:12 PM
John McCain's campaign is continuing to press Barack Obama on ACORN, the liberal activist group accused of voter registration fraud, capitalizing on news today that the FBI has opened an investigation.
Trouble is, it's the Republicans who are engaged in a massive vote supression strategy. Too bad it's hard to find the reporting of Palast & Kennedy inside the U.S.


Obama Lawyer Asks for Probe Into Vote-Fraud Claims
By Jeff Bliss
Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Barack Obama's campaign asked the U.S. Justice Department to expand a special prosecutor's investigation to include possible improprieties surrounding reports the FBI is looking into voter fraud in the presidential race.
McCain may just be extremely stupid in making the debate comment about how ACORN is threatening the "fabric of democracy" while not knowing how deeply his own party is involved in preventing people from voting. The Democrats have played along with these horrors for so long now that I'm not quite sure what to make of Obama seeming to fight back. This is a strong statement by Robert Bauer, general counsel to the Obama campaign,
[The Republicans are] fomenting specious vote-fraud allegations and there are disturbing indications of official involvement or collusion.
We'll see. Palast thinks the election already is stolen. I'd say Obama needs to be 10% ahead in states where Republicans have the apparatus in place to suppress hundreds of thousands or even millions of votes. The real shame is that the Democrats have allowed this to go on for so long that it may be too late to complain.


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