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May 29, 2009

Feet on the street for single payer noon Saturday at the State House

Presser in Bangor Thursday featured statements by single-payer activist Jerry Call who was arrested at a Senate Committee hearing in Washington DC on May 12, and Dr. Walter Doerfler, a physician in Dover-Foxcroft who compares the health system of his native Austria with that of the United States
Jerry Call: He [Senator Max Baucus] held a series of three meetings. Forty-some odd special-interest, for-profit lobbyists were allowed to testify. Our organization repeatedly had asked him for just one seat at the table for the people....reputable surveys have shown that sixty percent want a single-payer, national health care program, and yet he wouldn't allow one seat!
Dr. Walter Doerfler: We [in the U.S.] spend the most per-capita and we really don't get the bang for the buck--we really have very little to show for this.
The event tomorrow in Augusta, noon to two at the State House, will be a RALLY FOR NATIONAL HEALTH CARE, advocating for the single-payer approach in Congressional bill HR 676, while rejecting mandatory for-profit private insurance. See HERE for additional details.

The Bangor Daily News did have a good story today, "Single-payer advocates generating support for rally," by Eric Russell.

So Augusta will be the place to be Saturday. If you can't get there, please distribute this short video to help get out the news in case the teevee stations do not cover it very well. There also was a very good 17-minute q & a after these statements, posted HERE.


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